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About Us

Om Lighting Solutions

  Om lighting solutions formed in October 2003 by Mr.Sameer Gangatirkar. We endow with design, consultancy based solutions, turnkey projects, lighting automation – installation, supply & services.

  We provide complete lighting solution with dialux, CG LUX & AGi-32, very simple, fast & user friendly software, that enables lighting design calculation & design illumination scheme for indoor and outdoor lighting as per client’s requirement thereby providing energy efficient solutions.

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Years of experience


Mr.Sameer Gangatirkar

About Owner

  Sameer is the founder and CEO of Om Lighting Solutions, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering from Shivaji University, India. Over last 17+ years Sameer has worked extensively on providing premium plus user friendly all types of electrical & electronics field related solutions from concept to execution.

  His portfolio expertise of services include design, supply and post installation services for a wide range of lighting solutions from the best brand names worldwide. Sameer also has extensive partnerships with architects, interior designers, contractors and other consultants that allow him to provide holistic energy solutions.

  Having worked on a range of projects like public arenas, large industrial plus commercial establishments and residential projects. Sameer has a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies required to meet customer needs. His ability to execute any scale and complex projects is reflected by the numerous awards he has earned for promoting innovative, cost effective and green energy solutions.

  In addition to green energy solutions, Sameer specializes in non-conventional energy products, automation, EMS, IOT & IIOT and energy conservation solutions and has a very successful track record in implementing as well.

  Sameer is based out of Kolhapur, India and would like to work with you to provide a solution that is best suited for your needs.

Our Mission

"Professional" is not label we give ourselves,It's a description cliets apply to us

"We are encouraged to facilitate everyone with our knowledge & service in the field of lighting industry"

"Spread latest technology & provide more intelligent performance across modern markets with energy efficient, eco-friendly, aesthetic & stylish appeal."

"Enhances the enjoyment & property value by integrating the magic of automation that is present & future demand."